Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Meeting Romance Cover Model, Fabio

Okay, so when a girl gets a call that says, "Hey, I'm going to see Fabio. Wanna come with me?"

The ONLY answer is: "HECK to the YEAH!" 

So last Friday morning, I hopped in Kris Tualla's van and together we headed to Whole Foods in Phoenix to meet the Romance Icon.

Now I've met my fair share of 
handsome Cover Models in my short stint as a Romance Author: 

Ryan Diaz aka 

Men of Our Dreams Contestants
James Allen
James Magnussen
Tony Lomelli

and Jimmy Thomas.

(yes, I know, my job is so very hard...Bwahahaha!)
That said, I found myself more than a little giddy to be meeting the guy who's name has accompanied the Romance genre for decades. 
Morgan Kearns, James Magnussen, Kris Tualla

James Magnussen joined us... 

Morgan Kearns, FABIO, Kris Tualla

Finally, Fabio showed.

James Magnussen, Morgan Kearns, Fabio

He was WAY bigger than I thought, even taller than James' 6'4. 

It did seem he had a little trouble making a natural smile. *shrugs* 

Hugs and pictures all around AND he signed two novels for me! WooHoo!! 

Bucket List: Meeting Fabio. CHECK! 

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