Thursday, November 17, 2011

"Morgan Kearns books are now my new obsession!"

Thanks to Five Star Book Reviews for a FABULOUS review!

Date of Review- 17/11/11
Author- Morgan Kearns
Star Rating- So unbelievably number would be high enough!! :)

"She and Grayson had fallen into an easy togetherness that both thrilled and terrified her"


REVIEW- My obsession revolves around Paranormal YA books, for the past 3 years I haven't read anything but and so now to read a love story without vamps and wolves, well it is rather strange. However, Morgan Kearns books are now my new obsession! At first I didnt know what to expect and so was hesitant to read it but by the end of the first chapter I was mesmerized! I read and read and read until finally I reached the end and although my head was spinning with desire and amazement, I couldnt help but wonder if this was the end of Greyson and Jane...couldn't bring myself to believe that it had truly finished...

In It To Win It is a wonderful work of fiction in which tells the story of a struggle between two attracting opposites hiding a pain for a love that they both secretely want, however to make this work they first have to forgive each other and forget the past in which tore them apart. Greyson to Jane was the boy from school she just wants to run away from, he was the boy who destroyed her life and in the process destroyed her trust in all men. Jane to Greyson was his only true love, she was the one person that has always stood out to him and when she left, his heart left too. Now he is the man of her dreams and she is still the same woman he has always desired.

Overall, this is the work of an admirable author in which sits at the peak of my favourite author list! her work is truly inspiational and a novel I will never forget! well done Morgan have created a novel filled with simple perfection! :) On to Morgans other novel ( Fade To Black) next! cant wait! AND to everyone who enjoys a good love story with a secret little twist then look no further...this is the book for you! ♥

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