Monday, November 19, 2012

Character Interview: LUCKY 13's Enrique Santiago

Characters step up to introduce themselves all the time. But once in  while I get lucky enough to meet a character who immediately grabs a hold of my heart and refuses to let go. Enrique "Ricky" Santiago is one of those characters. I loved him from his first grin! 

If you've already met him in LUCKY 13, here's a little more to love. If you haven't, find out what you're missing! 


MK: Thanks for stopping by Ricky. The girls from my fan page have come up with these questions. I hope you’re up for this.

RS: I’m up for anything, Morgan.

MK: Okay, here we go. First question: Boxers or Briefs?

RS: *barks out a laugh* Boy, they aren’t gonna cut me any slack are they? I’m a boxer-brief kinda guy. Ya know, the best of both worlds.

MK: If you could portray a character in any book, who would it be?

RS: Seriously, Morgan. You know I don’t read.

MK: *smirks* The question isn’t whether or not you read.

RS: *shakes his head* I don’t know. *frowns* Oh good grief. Um… *smiles like a jack-o-lantern* It’d be kinda cool to be a teacher at Hogwarts.

MK: Did you actually read the Harry Potter series?

RS: Nope. But the movies were awesome! 

MK: Okay, let's get serious. After finding out what happened to Shayne, how did you handle the anger?

RS: Let’s get one thing straight, I wasn’t angry at Shayne.

MK: You weren’t?

RS: Not for what happened to her, but for her not telling me about it. My first gut reaction was to put my fist though the wall. I learned a long time ago that reacting while angry never ended well. So even though I felt violent, I took some deep breaths and focused on my family. My wife and son have a way of chilling me like nothin’ else.

MK: If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be and why?

RS: Back in the day, I would say wearing my heart on my sleeve. Now, though, I’m pretty damned happy to be such a sap. It got me the girl. *flashes big cheesy smile*

MK: Speaking of falling in love, if you had a daughter and she fell in love when she was sixteen, what would you say or do?

RS: *hands form fists* I, ah, I’m kinda protective… *nods* Yeah, I don’t like the idea of her getting her heart broken, but isn’t that what happens when you fall in love at sixteen? I guess what I’d do is patiently wait to pick up the pieces of her broken heart and tell her he wasn’t worth her. Yeah, I know that sounds clichĂ©. But it’s the truth. Nobody’s worthy of my baby girl. And then I’d lock Matt in his room to keep him from beating the crap out of the kid.

MK: You love Matt, huh?

RS: *sports a duh! expression*

MK: What if you had to choose between Matt and baseball.

RS: No contest. Matt. *shakes his head* You had to know that one.

MK: I did. Truth is, so did the person who asked, but I wanted to put it out there anyway.

RS: *rolls his eyes*

MK: Next question: What is the best piece of advice you would give Shayne’s son?

RS: Our son.

MK: *smiles* I knew you’d correct that. What’s the best piece of advice you could give Matt?

RS: To follow his heart. That doesn’t always mean happy-happy-joy-joy, but regret is damn hard to live with. Be honorable. Tell the truth. And love with everything you are.

MK: Your family’s very lucky to have you.

RS: I’m the lucky one, Morgan. But you already knew that, too.

MK: Yeah, I did.

Matt: Come on, Da-…Oh, hey, Morgan. We were gonna grab a burger. Wanna join us?

MK: Yeah, can I bring…

Matt: No way, you need to leave your notebook in the car. Hurry. I’m starving clear to death. *races out of the room, slaps the door jamb*

RS: We’d better hurry before he starts eating the upholstery. 

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  1. Love this! Okay, Ricky is definitely winnin' my heart. :-)

  2. Oh... My... God! He so answered the way I thought he would about the 16 year old daughter :) Swoon....

  3. Oh this was awesome! Please thank Ricky for answering all our questions. ;)

    And thanks for writing such a great series, Morgan!

  4. OMG Morgan!! This book is my favorite so far!! I absolutely love it!