Thursday, March 28, 2013

Morgan Kearns OPENING DAY Blog H0P

WELCOME to the Morgan Kearns 

And TEAM KEARNS is celebrating! 

Baseball has had a special place in my heart 
since watching my little brothers 
knock the crap out of the ball...years ago.

When I decided to write the follow-up to Fade to Black, I wanted to tag along with KHB's Sportscaster.  
A woman.  Enter Jane Alexander. 
Of course her hero needed to be a sexy athlete...and I knew baseball!
IN IT TO WIN IT was born!

  Since meeting and falling in love with Grayson Pierce, I've introduced teammates  
Mathias Xavier, III 
and LUCKY 13's Enrique Santiago.
Excerpt from LUCKY 13: 

Ricky opened the door and the Pierce crowd greeted him. He ushered them inside. Grayson gave him a handshake. Jane kissed his cheek.

“Thanks for having us.” She put her hand on the back of a young girl. A very cute young girl, about Matt’s age, who was the spitting image of her beautiful mother. “This is Kamryn.”

Ricky shook her hand and thought of Matt. He’d never played matchmaker before, but he might rethink things. “Nice to meet you.”

Grayson put his hand on the shoulder of the middle-sized girl. “This is Sami.”
“Hi, Sami.” Ricky shook her hand as well. “How old are you, sweetheart?”
She giggled, blushed. “Nine.”
The littlest of the three tugged on his pants. “Do you have a dog? Everybody needs a dog. Except us. ‘Cause we don’t have a dog. My dad won’t let us have a dog. He says dogs just hump legs and shit—”
Jane put a hand over the little girl’s mouth. “And this here is Emma. Please accept our apologies for whatever she might say. Hey!” Jane jerked her hand away. She dropped to a knee to look the child right in the eye. “I told you not to ever bite me again.”
Big green eyes blinked. “And I told you not to cover my mouth ever again. Uncle Xavier!” She ran back out the door and took a flying leap right into the arms of his nemesis.
Ricky barely kept the Oh, great! to himself.
Xavier scooped her up. She threw her arms around his neck and kissed his cheek. She glanced over her shoulder at Ricky. “I met him.”
X flinched.
She shook her head, pigtails swinging. “He isn’t so bad. He’s really kind of cute. I really don’t think you should hate him anymore.”
If he’d had a shovel, X probably would have dug himself a hole to hide from the mortification staining his face. Ricky fought a smile. Frankie didn’t even try. “Hey, Emma, did you hear I’m gonna have a baby?”
Emma slid down Xavier’s leg. Her eyebrows furrowed. She stood in front of Frankie, hands on hips and stared at her stomach. “You’re not fat enough.”

Copyright © 2012 Morgan Kearns
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