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Final Day of RONE Voting--Excerpt of Nominee LUCKY 13

LUCKY 13 is nominated for a RONE 
(Reward Of Novel Excellence)


Enjoy this excerpt and find out why 
the Reviewers at InDTale Magazine 
nominated LUCKY 13 for this prestigious award. 

Ricky looked to the ceiling for a sign, not missing the irony. He’d gotten a sign all right. God frowned on premarital sex and this was His way of punishing Ricky.

He rounded the corner of another aisle, tampons in hand, and literally bumped into a pimple-faced kid. His tall and gangly didn’t stand a chance against Ricky’s bulk and he toppled into the display of…condoms!

Boxes flew everywhere as Mr. Should-be-keepin’-it-in-his-pants fell right on his bony ass. The little shit cursed up a storm. With a sweep of his arm, he sent Lifestyles Ultra Sensitives skidding across the linoleum.

Ricky extended a hand, actually surprised when the punk accepted his help.

He shuffled his feet. “Should we clean this up?”

Ricky grabbed a couple of boxes from the remaining display and shook his head. “I don’t plan on it.”
Mr. Tall-Blonde-and-Dorky bent down to pick up a box and Ricky put his hand on his shoulder. “Word of unwanted advice, kid, life’s a whole less complicated if you don’t go there.”

He snorted. “And you’re gonna tell me you kept it in a knot until you were happily married?”

“Nope. I’m tellin’ you to learn from my mistakes.” Ricky didn’t stick around to see whether or not his advice mattered. No skin off his nose. He had more important things to worry about. 

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Character Interview: Enrique Santiago says VOTE for LUCKY 13!

LUCKY 13 is nominated for a RONE 
(Reward Of Novel Excellence)

FAN VOTING is open now

Enjoy this interview with him and find out why 
the Reviewers at InDTale Magazine 
nominated him for this prestigious award. 

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Characters step up to introduce themselves all the time. But once in  while I get lucky enough to meet a character who immediately grabs a hold of my heart and refuses to let go. Enrique "Ricky" Santiago is one of those characters. I loved him from his first grin! 

If you've already met him in LUCKY 13, here's a little more to love. If you haven't, find out what you're missing! 


MK: Thanks for stopping by Ricky. The girls from my fan page have come up with these questions. I hope you’re up for this.

RS: I’m up for anything, Morgan.

MK: Okay, here we go. First question: Boxers or Briefs?

RS: *barks out a laugh* Boy, they aren’t gonna cut me any slack are they? I’m a boxer-brief kinda guy. Ya know, the best of both worlds.

MK: If you could portray a character in any book, who would it be?

RS: Seriously, Morgan. You know I don’t read.

MK: *smirks* The question isn’t whether or not you read.

RS: *shakes his head* I don’t know. *frowns* Oh good grief. Um… *smiles like a jack-o-lantern* It’d be kinda cool to be a teacher at Hogwarts.

MK: Did you actually read the Harry Potter series?

RS: Nope. But the movies were awesome! 

MK: Okay, let's get serious. After finding out what happened to Shayne, how did you handle the anger?

RS: Let’s get one thing straight, I wasn’t angry at Shayne.

MK: You weren’t?

RS: Not for what happened to her, but for her not telling me about it. My first gut reaction was to put my fist though the wall. I learned a long time ago that reacting while angry never ended well. So even though I felt violent, I took some deep breaths and focused on my family. My wife and son have a way of chilling me like nothin’ else.

MK: If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be and why?

RS: Back in the day, I would say wearing my heart on my sleeve. Now, though, I’m pretty damned happy to be such a sap. It got me the girl. *flashes big cheesy smile*

MK: Speaking of falling in love, if you had a daughter and she fell in love when she was sixteen, what would you say or do?

RS: *hands form fists* I, ah, I’m kinda protective… *nods* Yeah, I don’t like the idea of her getting her heart broken, but isn’t that what happens when you fall in love at sixteen? I guess what I’d do is patiently wait to pick up the pieces of her broken heart and tell her he wasn’t worth her. Yeah, I know that sounds cliché. But it’s the truth. Nobody’s worthy of my baby girl. And then I’d lock Matt in his room to keep him from beating the crap out of the kid.

MK: You love Matt, huh?

RS: *sports a duh! expression*

MK: What if you had to choose between Matt and baseball.

RS: No contest. Matt. *shakes his head* You had to know that one.

MK: I did. Truth is, so did the person who asked, but I wanted to put it out there anyway.

RS: *rolls his eyes*

MK: Next question: What is the best piece of advice you would give Shayne’s son?

RS: Our son.

MK: *smiles* I knew you’d correct that. What’s the best piece of advice you could give Matt?

RS: To follow his heart. That doesn’t always mean happy-happy-joy-joy, but regret is damn hard to live with. Be honorable. Tell the truth. And love with everything you are.

MK: Your family’s very lucky to have you.

RS: I’m the lucky one, Morgan. But you already knew that, too.

MK: Yeah, I did.

Matt: Come on, Da-…Oh, hey, Morgan. We were gonna grab a burger. Wanna join us?

MK: Yeah, can I bring…

Matt: No way, you need to leave your notebook in the car. Hurry. I’m starving clear to death. *races out of the room, slaps the door jamb*

RS: We’d better hurry before he starts eating the upholstery. 

MK: Anything you want to add?

RS: Hell yeah! Vote for ME and LUCKY 13 by Morgan Kearns for Best Contemporary: Jocks, Cops and Cowboys. I've always wanted a RONE. *winks*

LUCKY 13 is currently available 

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Guest Post: Ryan's Side of the Story - Meeting Morgan Kearns

Ryan Diaz is the sexy guy on the cover of LUCKY 13, 


 Yesterday, we learned how I met him
This is how he met me in his own words...

I pose for a lot of pictures with a lot of different people. I could tell right away that Morgan and Siobhan were going to be fun.

They were really, really cool, but I could tell Morgan was a little reserved because she wouldn’t touch my butt in the pictures. So we stuck her behind the wall.

After the pictures were taken we talked for a long time. Honestly, it’s probably the longest conversation I’ve had with a customer.

When Morgan asked if I wanted to be on her book cover, I thought, Yeah, yeah, she’s so full of shit.

She kept talking and I kept thinking, What the hell? What’s a romance novel cover? Like a porn book? Like Fabio?

Yeah, my hair’s not long enough. I couldn’t get the thought of 90’s rock stars out of my head. I got a Mohawk and tattoos.

But then she took out her phone and showed me some of her other book covers. Okay, I could do that.

When I gave her my number, I thought two things. One: This’d be really cool, but we’ll see. And two: Hopefully this lady’s not crazy. At least she has a family.

Everything turned out pretty good.
I’m on the cover of Lucky 13 and Morgan’s just crazy enough to be awesome.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Coming Face to Face with Enrique Santiago

I'd like to tell you about the day I came face to face with
Enrique "Ricky" Santiago because... 
well, it's kinda hilarious! 

 To hear my 12-year-old son tell the story, I picked Ryan up in a bar in Vegas. 

This, however, is the REAL story! 

In April of 2012, I went to speak to the Las Vegas Romance Writers of America on the Importance of Cover Art. (It's very, very important, just in case you wondered.)

After the presentation, Siobhan Muir and I returned to the hotel. In the lobby a man approached us, asking if we wanted to take a picture with him. 

Before you panic, he wasn't a stalker or an insane person, it was his job. 

This IS Vegas, after all. 

And taking pictures with random sexy guys is ... normal! 

As we walked up to the backdrop, another random sexy guy strolled up. He smiled and my heart stopped. He spoke and I nearly fainted. He crossed his arms over his chest. I blinked. 


This stranger was Enrique Santiago.  

The figment of my imagination, personified. His smile, his mannerisms, even his laugh were Ricky!

I stammered my way through who I was and what I did. When I asked if he'd be interested in being on a book cover, he looked at me like I'd lost my freakin' mind. Who knows, maybe I had.

It only took showing him my other covers on my cell phone and giving him my business card (See, they are good to have.) to get him to say, "Oh my God, you're for real!" 

Why, yes. Yes, I am, in fact, for real. 

I have to admit to being a little surprised he gave me his phone number. I thought for sure it'd be some honest-to-goodness crazy person and the joke would be on me. 

So as I texted him for the first time, a week or so later, my stomach did those little flip-flops of anticipating a "Who the hell are you? And why are you texting me?" response. 

Imagine my surprise when Ryan actually texted back! 

I invited him to Arizona Dreamin' to participate in the Man of Our Dreams contest. He politely said he'd love to. I don't think he had any clue what he would be in for. Ready or not, Ryan had a great time!

And so, there ya go, 
THAT is how the guy I "picked up in Vegas" 
came to be on the cover of LUCKY 13.

Tomorrow, see things through Ryan's eyes.

(Deadlines & Diamonds, #4)
is currently available via Kindle, Nook, other Ebook
as well as paperback.

"Please vote for LUCKY 13 
~I am Enrique Santiago 
and I approve this message. 

Monday, April 22, 2013

Interview with RYAN DIAZ, Cover Model for LUCKY 13!

LUCKY 13 is nominated for a RONE 
(Reward Of Novel Excellence)

FAN VOTING is open now

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Ryan Diaz is the SEXY guy on the cover.  
He's funny and sweet and kind and totally HAWT!

And I interviewed him!

Getting to do the interview 
over the phone is the best part for me
starting with the "Hey, babe," 
that came in lieu of hello. *swoons* 


Morgan: Let’s start easy: Cats or Dogs?

Ryan: Dogs. I have an American Eskimo named Kobe.

Morgan: Favorite sport?

Ryan: Ooo… I don’t know if Body-building’s a sport. I’ll go with baseball. I played center field in high school. I probably should have said left field, huh? *laughs*

Morgan: Where is your favorite place on earth?

Ryan: Um, ah, that’s a tough one. I’ll say the beach in Laguna.

Morgan: What do you do to relax?

Ryan: Go to the gym.

Morgan: You know, Ricky goes to the gym when he needs to unwind.

Ryan: That’s cool.

Morgan: Pretty authentic, huh?

Ryan: *laughs* Yep.

Morgan: What do you look for in a woman?

Ryan: Independence.

Morgan: Are you single?

Ryan: Yes.

Morgan: Are you a hopeless romantic or just an average Joe?

Ryan: A hopeless romantic.

Morgan: Do you prefer to stay in and cook or to go out?

Ryan: Go out. 100 percent.

Morgan: So, what’s your favorite restaurant?

Ryan: Extreme Sushi

Morgan: What’s your favorite thing to do in Las Vegas?

Ryan: Um, I don’t know. Go to the movies.

Morgan: If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?

Ryan: My height.

Morgan: What’s your favorite season?

Ryan: Summer.

Morgan: What was the last book you read?

Ryan: LUCKY 13.

Morgan: *gets giddy* You actually read it?

Ryan: Of course I did.

Morgan: *still blushing* If you could be a character in any book, who would it be? Why?

Ryan: I’d be in LUCKY 13 because it’s written by an amazing author and has a stud on the cover. *laughs*

Morgan: Do you consider yourself the “Hero” or the “Bad Boy”?

Ryan: Bad boy.
Morgan: How do your family and friends feel about your being on the cover of LUCKY 13?
Ryan: They think it’s cool. It’s right up my alley.

Morgan: Was LUCKY 13 a one-time-deal or will we see you on more book covers?

Ryan: Hopefully you’ll see me on more book covers.

Morgan: One last question: After attending Arizona Dreamin’ 2012, do large groups of women scare you?

Ryan: No. No, not at all. As long as they’re friendly and not hostile.


Morgan: Anything you want to add?

Ryan: Yeah. Vote for LUCKY 13 by Morgan Kearns for Best Contemporary: Jocks, Cop & Cowboys! I am Ryan Diaz and I approve this message. *laughs*


And I gotta give a huge shout-out to Ryan. He’s an amazing guy with an easy-going humor that’s contagious. I’m still smiling.

Stay tuned for mine and Ryan's version of how we met. 
Warning: they are hilarious!

Please show ENRIQUE SANTIAGO a little love...

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Excerpt from RONE Nominee LUCKY 13

LUCKY 13 is nominated for a RONE 
(Reward Of Novel Excellence)

FAN VOTING is open now

and vote for LUCKY 13 by MORGAN KEARNS 
under Jocks, Cops and Cowboys
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Here's a taste as to why the awesome reviewers from
InDTale Magazine
nominated LUCKY 13 for this prestigious award!

In this excerpt, Las Vegas Rockets' Left Fielder, Enrique "Ricky" Santiago 
comes face to face with Shayne Xavier. 

Ricky’s brain caught up to his body about halfway across the dance floor. As he realized what he was about to do, his steps stuttered, his mojo warring with a jolt of insecurity. Damn, he hated this part of the dating process. He watched the other guys hit on women all the time, even resorted to studying their lines, but he couldn’t flat-out lie, promise things he’d never be able to give the woman when the sun turned the western skies salmon.
He released his breath about the time his feet came to a stop in front of her. “Hi.”
She smiled, and his heart dropped to his toes. “Hi, I’m Shayne.”
He stuck out his hand. “Enrique Santiago.”
Her hand slipped into his. The softness of her palm against his did funny things to his intestines. Her chin moved up and down in a slow, barely noticeable nod. “You’re the Rockets Left Fielder?”
“Yeah.” She’d heard of him? Sweet! “My friends call me Ricky.”
She raised one brow and quirked the corner of her lip. “And am I to assume we’re friends?”
“I’d like to be.”  
Danger! He had a habit of losing his heart to women he shouldn’t. Truth was, he didn’t bring women around his friends because he started hearing wedding bells when the guys offered a stamp of approval. As he stared into the liquid chocolate of Shayne’s eyes, warning bells blared, whistled, hollered, and warned him to take it slow. Danger, Enrique Santiago!

(Deadlines & Diamonds, #4)
is currently available via Kindle, Nook

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Reviewer Favorite LUCKY 13 is nominated for a RONE!

RONE = Reward of Novel Excellence


FAN VOTING is open now

and vote for LUCKY 13 by MORGAN KEARNS 
under Jocks, Cops and Cowboys
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What reviewers are saying about LUCKY 13.... 

  • Sometimes a reader is lucky enough to find a new author and fall in love with her books. And that's precisely what happened when I per chance bought Lucky 13! I'm actually rather picky about my romance reads as it is both the genre I write in and prefer to read. Morgan delivered and pulled me into her story from the start...
  • This series just keeps getting better and better with every book Morgan Kearns writes. 
  • Awesome, awesome, awesome!  
  • Male perfection has a name...Enrique Santiago
  • Morgan is a wonderful storyteller, with stories that are touching, realistic, suspenseful, romantic, funny, and more. Everything you could want in a great book/series. Lucky 13 is my new favorite in the series. All I can say is... Bring on book 5!
  • I love this book! Ricky and Shayne's story is one you're sure to fall in love with. ... This one book I'll read again and again!  
  • Best. Epilogue. Ever.
  • Lucky 13 (Deadlines and Diamonds) defines family. ... I got warm and fuzzy, teary eyed, nostalgic, happy, sad, hopeful, and even laughed a little bit. 
  • Well written and emotional, this book will take you on a complete roller-coaster of a ride.  

And what does uber sexy Cover Model RYAN DIAZ think of LUCKY 13?
"Ricky's pretty smooth for a guy who can't buy condoms...Hilarious!"

Get your copy today via KINDLE, NOOK 
(via under the 
"Deadlines & Diamonds" tab)