Saturday, October 19, 2013

COVER REVEAL ~ Hard Break (Deadlines & Diamonds, #5)

I absolutely love this cover! 

Thank you, Anya Kelleye with Anya Kelleye Designs!

All Photojournalist Ian McCallister wants is a woman to love him. Not just any woman, though, his heart wants Kayla Black. He fell for the dark-haired, blue-eyed beauty the moment she smiled…and introduced her children.

Kayla Black is living her very own Happily-Ever-After. She has three beautiful children and a man she adores. Until the day her hero of a husband straps on his badge and is struck down by a drug dealer’s bullet. 

Her perfect world shattered, Kayla has no interest 
in moving on and only attempts it for her children. 
She doesn't want help, doesn't need it. And she certainly doesn't need Ian. Or does she? 

RELEASE DATE: November 19th, 2013