Thursday, September 29, 2011

New Release - His Destiny is Karma

I'm excited to announce ... 
the next story in  
The Gossip of Mysterious Lane 
is on sale now.

What goes around really does come around—just to kick a male in the balls and bite him in the ass. Alexander, vampire playboy extraordinaire, finds himself smack dab in the middle of the cosmic crosshairs.

Karma is not a bitch, she is a vampire determined to achieve her heart's greatest desire. The first time she met Alex she was too young, too innocent, and too plain. But things change.

Realization slaps Alex upside the head when he comes face to face with the gorgeous female he can't believe he's met before. The one female he may not be able to live without. And the one who is strictly forbidden.

HIS DESTINY IS KARMA is available via 

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Autumn Harvest Blog Hop Winners!

Thanks to everybody who stopped by and entered the contest for the Autumn Harvest: Fall Between the Pages Blog Hop! 

I hope you had as much fun as I did!

And the winners are...

Ronda, NayNay, and Ramblings of a Part Time Druid.

You each have won a digital copy of IN IT TO WIN IT
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Monday, September 19, 2011


Welcome to Morgan's Musings and the 
Autumn Harvest: Fall Between the Pages
Blog Hop Tour (Sept. 19-26)

Let's get the rules out of the way:
1) HAVE FUN!!!


3) THIS TOUR STARTS: Monday, September 19, at Midnight (Arizona Time)
    THIS TOUR ENDS: Monday, September 26, at Midnight (Arizona Time)
    Winners will be drawn and posted September 27th! ***



***Authors & Book Pages have full discretion to choose an alternate winner in the event any winner fails to claim their prize(s) within 72 hours of their name being posted or after notification of win, whichever comes first. Anyone who participates in this blog hop tour is subject to these rules***

Now let's talk falling...

Yep, that kind...


The first modern Bungee Jumps occurred on April 1, 1979 in Bristol. 
The craze has grown and people now jump from buildings, bridges, cranes, helicopters, and hot-air balloons. Basically anything they can attach a giant rubber band to.

Parachute comes from the French word para which means "to protect against" and the French word chute, meaning "fall". So put it together and it quite literally means "to protect against a fall".  

Cliff jumping is a favorite past-time for some. The adrenaline rush of standing on the edge of a cliff and looking down into the water that will soon swallow their body must be amazing. 

I say "must be" because you couldn't get me to the edge of the cliff, let alone off it! 

Yeah, go ahead, call me chicken. Your taunting still won't get me to take that kind of leap. The closest I ever came to being an adrenaline junky was on a trip to Las Vegas in the mid 90's when my husband talked me into doing the ride at the top of the Stratosphere. 

The drop of my stomach as we shot to the stars was really cool. The free fall back down, not so much. No, I didn't puke. And no, I haven't done anything like that since. 

Las Vegas is the home of the Rockets. 
Meet Grayson Pierce, their star player in  
He has his work cut out for him 
as he tries to win 
Sportscaster, Jane Alexander's trust, 
her heart, and a World Series Title.

I am Morgan Kearns; former journalist, current author, and mother of four young children--just to keep things interesting. 

Thanks for stopping by. I hope you enjoyed yourselves. 

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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday (9/18)

This week's Six Sentences come 
from my Contemporary Romance, 

Sportscaster Jane Alexander is sitting in a bar at the airport, 
waiting for her flight. When her purse moves off the stool next to her, 
she reaches out to rescue it from the would-be thief and...

...a warm hand covered hers. She looked up into eyes that were way too familiar.
"Grayson," she breathed.
He looked better than she'd ever seen him, dressed in black Armani with a starched white shirt underneath. The first couple of buttons were opened, exposing the tanned flesh of his throat. She gulped.

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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Sweet Saturday Samples (9/17)

In this week's Sweet Saturday Sample,  
In It To Win It's Grayson is trying to convince 
a very reluctant, very gun-shy Jane 
to have dinner with him.


Grayson stood, waiting for Jane to find her voice again. Her eyes looked him over from head to toe and he couldn’t tell if that was a good thing or not. But man, it felt good to have that much of her touching him. He swallowed hard then returned the favor by taking an inventory of her as well. She was as gorgeous as ever; dressed in jeans and a white t-shirt, totally casual. Her brown hair was pulled up in a ponytail. 
“Can I sit here?” He waved a hand toward the stool next to hers.
“It’s a free country.” She closed her laptop and shoved it into its case, taking no care for the bag or the computer. “I have to get going anyway; my flight is about to board.”
As she stood, he reached out and snatched up her hand. Her hands were chilly and oh, so tiny. His engulfed hers and yet they fit perfectly together. Just like always.
“Will you have dinner with me?” The words were flung out into the open before his brain could catch up with his mouth.
“I can’t.”
“Yes, you can.” Always a glutton. Inside, he was cringing as he threw his ego on the floor for her to crush beneath her flip-flop. Outside … he rested a foot on the bottom rung of the bar stool and prayed that he looked the calm, cool, collected he didn’t feel. 
“No, I really can’t. It’s against the rules.”
He smiled and felt a nervous twitch to his lips. He bit down on his bottom lip to keep it under control. “What rules?” he asked.
Her eyes narrowed and her lips tightened into a frown. “The no-fraternizing-with-the-athletes rule,” she said the words in a duh! tone.
 He laughed. “That’s not a real rule.”
She straightened her spine and hiked her bag onto her shoulder. “It’s a personal rule. I have a reputation to uphold.”
“Fair enough.” He could respect her having scruples, but it didn’t change the fact that it had been too long since he’d talked with her. The few moments in her room didn’t count. “We could consider it a working dinner. We could talk—on the record.”

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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday (9/11)

This week's six sentences come from my contemporary novel
Fade to Black
currently available via Kindle, Nook, other ebook,

In this snippet, we meet News Photographer, Rich Spencer 
as Kate Callahan meets him for the first time.


And his eyes…. Kate swallowed hard. His eyes were the color of the Caribbean Ocean sparkling in the bright sun. She shook her head, trying to rid her mind of the sudden urge to go skinny-dipping in the salty water.

The tropical waters focused on Kate’s face for only a moment before roaming slowly over her body as though she stood before the group without a stitch on. His lips pulled at the corners, forming a sexy, knowing smile. 

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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Sweet Saturday Samples (9/10)

This week's Sweet Sample comes from my contemporary romance
Fade to Black
currently available on 
Kindle, Nook, other ebook

In this sample while out covering an Amber Alert, Rich Spencer, News Photographer is fighting off the urge to defend Kate's honor against another loud-mouthed reporter. Trying to talk Rich out of decking the jerk is his best friend, Nate Hughes.


“Dude, what is going on with you?” Nate hissed in a hushed whispered.
“I don’t know,” Rich answered honestly.
“Well, you’d better figure it out because the protective caveman crap is going to get you into trouble—in more ways than one,” Nate warned.
The press conference started, and Kate did great. She asked all the right questions, making Greg look like the rookie. With the final question asked and answered, the crowed dissipated.
“Come on,” Kate whispered as she tugged lightly on Rich’s jacket sleeve. “Let’s interview some of the neighbors.”
For the next twenty minutes they went door to door, asking neighbors what they’d seen. It was weird that nobody had seen or heard anything. It was as if this little princess had disappeared into thin air. Kate looked defeated, her shoulders drooped, as they headed back toward the microwave truck.
Suddenly her head jerked to the left. “Shh!” She turned around and stared at Rich with wide eyes. “Do you hear that?”
He nodded, then lifted the camera onto his shoulder and hit record with his thumb. “Go ahead. I’m rolling.”
The two of them cautiously walked up between two houses to a small shed. “Be careful,” Rich whispered, suddenly wondering how smart of an idea this was. There was no telling what—or who—might be in there. The front doors were slightly ajar, and there was a whimpering coming from inside.
“Mary?” Kate said softly as she pushed the doors farther apart.
Oh, please let it be Mary, Rich thought, for more than one reason. A kidnapper with a gun would have been really bad.

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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Writer Wednesday: You inspire me ... more than just a catchphrase

Inspiration strikes me all the time in many different forms; little things my kids say, crazy thoughts that run through my brain, dreams, and *shudders* real life.

The biggest inspiration for Fade to Black would have to be the nearly 10 years I spent living, eating, breathing, and editing (videotape, not copy) my way through life in the news industry. In It To Win It combined that experience with my love for baseball and the small, rural town of Salina, Utah. 

I’ve heard from readers that the newsroom ‘lingo’ in the books is very realistic. Yeah, well, you can thank my editor that you understand it. During the editing process she constantly reminded me that PIO (public information officer)—and other terms—are not common vernacular.

Fade to Black took a little over a year to write. In It To Win It took—from first word to publication—approximately eight months.

Writing, for me, is the best part of being an author. Editing, the worst!

Next week, I’ll talk about how I approach the editing process…

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday (9/4)

Today's six sentences come from my upcoming title
Karma is a Vampire (The Gossip of Mysterious Lane #2)


     What goes around really does come around—just to kick a male in the balls and bite him in the ass. Vampire playboy Alexander stood smack dab in the middle of the cosmic crosshairs and didn’t even know it.

     “When will you be back?” A feminine pout.
     “Don’t worry, doll. I’ll call when I get home.”


See where all the Gossip begins with
The Seduction of Damian (The Gossip of Mysterious Lane #1)
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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Sweet Saturday Samples (9/3)

This week's Sweet Saturday Sample 
comes from my upcoming title
Karma is a Vampire (The Gossip of Mysterious Lane #2)


     Karma felt like a chicken that’d recently lost its head. The tiniest thread was the only portion left of her sanity. If it wasn’t her mother demanding she call the florist, it was her soon-to-be sister panicking because she hadn’t heard from Hank yet. 
     “The plane landed an hour ago,” she shrieked when yet another attempt went to voicemail. “What if they crashed?”
     Seemingly the only voice of reason, Karma shrugged. “They didn’t crash. It’d be all over the news if they had.”

     Instead of relaxing, Ramona’s eyes popped wide, her breath sawed in and out of her lungs in staggered puffs. Karma’s mother, Marion turned a glare on her daughter. She raced to Ramona’s side, patting her hand. 

     “I’m sure they’re fine, dear. Probably delayed at baggage claim.” 

     Hyperventilation was only a breath or two away. “Will you please do something?”

     “What do you want me to do?” Karma matched her mother’s subdued panic tone, which earned her a look capable of frying an egg. 

     “Get a bag or something. We cannot have her out cold when your brother arrives.”

     “Hopefully he beats the ambulance,” Karma muttered.

     “Not funny, Karma.” Apparently Marion had lost her sense of humor, but Ramona had not. Her attempt at a giggle came out a snort and a coughing fit. Her face resembled a tomato as Karma ran down the hall in search of a paper sack. The task sounded easy enough, but boxes were too big—and square. Packing peanuts were out. Maybe she could fashion a paper sack with paper towels and Duck Tape. 

     Karma found some bags in a box in the bride’s room. But the damned things were plastic. Would that even work? She wasn’t sure. She doubted it. The last thing she needed was to suffocate the sister she’d always wanted. 

     Good hell! It should not be that hard to find a paper sack!
     The last possible location was the kitchen. Karma rummaged through cabinets, slamming doors as she went. Under the sink she struck gold—or brown, as it were. One single, solitary brown paper sack. Okay, so the thing was big enough to hold an entire cart of groceries, but by damn, beggars couldn’t be choosers.


See where all the Gossip starts with
The Seduction of Damian (The Gossip of Mysterious Lane #1)
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