Thursday, July 24, 2014

#TeamKearns in #Vegas 2014

Karen Cino & I

 Every booksigning is awesome!

I LOVE seeing old friends, meeting new ones, 

Allie K Adams & I

FINALLY meeting those friends face to face,

and hugging members of #TeamKearns! Not to mention signing books for all of the above.


But this particular trip to the Romance Novel Convention Book Fair (#RNCVegas2014) was amazingly sweet because I was able to take my husband along.

Because of our four fairly young kids, we usually have to tag-team the out of town thing. This July, though, we capitalized on our anniversary and birthdays and RNC becoming the perfect storm and hit Vegas!

My favorite part of the event was the quick camaraderie between Ryan Diaz and Gavin Matthew and my husband. 

The three acted like life long buddies and laughed and teased throughout the afternoon, until Rhonda and I were in stitches.

A BIG THANKS to Ryan Diaz aka Enrique "Ricky" Santiago from Lucky 13. Yes, he's reading "himself"...The Condom Scene. Bwahahaha!

...and Gavin Matthew, who will become the face of Mason James (as soon as we talk him into losing the beard *wink*) 

and Rhonda Plumhoff, President Extraordinaire for adding to the awesomeness of the weekend!!!

Let's do it again very soon! 

Like February?