Wednesday, May 2, 2012


Thanks to Author Linda Boulanger for this awesome review!

"Often books in a series seem to lose momentum and, honestly, I didn't think Morgan Kearns could top the first two books in the Deadlines & Diamonds Series. I was wrong. This book picked up the life of one of the lesser characters from In It To Win It and told his story in a way that made Out of Left Field lunge to the top of my favorites list. This story literally came to life in the palm of my hand and the characters worked their way into my heart. Before I was done (actually not long after I started), I found myself truly caring about what happened in their lives. I cried real tears as I read the final chapter, in part because I knew I was coming to the end of the story for characters who had become my friends. I love Morgan Kearns' writing style. Her stories are written with the right amount of ups and downs, conflict and resolution, ending in the happy ever after that is a must for me. If that's the kind of book you like, you'll find Out of Left Field at the top of your favorites list in a hurry. I highly recommend this book." ~Linda Boulanger via Amazon
OUT OF LEFT FIELD (Deadlines & Diamonds, #3)
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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Announcing the release of OUT OF LEFT FIELD

While writing IN IT TO WIN IT

I discovered Grayson Pierce needed a friend, 
a class-A jerk, a simple placeholder to give Jane a hard time. 

Enter Xavier. 

The guy didn't even have a first name. 

Then one day, this came in from a reviewer:
"However, Xavier, what a nice piece of raw meat, he is Grayson's teammate and needs his own story A.S.A.P."
Since a writer's mind never stops, I began to wonder.
Why was Xavier such a jerk? 
And what the hell was his first name?!

*drum roll please*

Ladies and gentlemen, I am pleased to introduce

Matthias Xavier III

Back Cover Text:
Strike One
Xavier is a jerk with a capital A.S.S. and he offers no apologies. If a woman is willing to give, he’ll gladly take, walking away without a backward glance. He’s not looking for commitment and the only diamond he’s interested in has three bases and a home plate.
Strike Two
Dr. Frances Holden knows all about fixing broken bones and taming arrogant athletes. As the Team Doctor for the Las Vegas Rockets she deals with stubborn ballplayers every day. But nobody is more stubborn than Left Fielder, Matthias Xavier III.
Strike Three
When a shoulder injury takes Xavier out of the game, it’s Frankie’s job to get him back on the diamond. His rehab turns out to be more than either of them bargained for, and when she promises to help him face his scarred past, neither of them are prepared for the fireworks that come Out of Left Field and threaten to scorch them both.

OUT OF LEFT FIELD is currently available via 
Autographed paperbacks can be preordered