Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Kicking it at the 2012 RONE Awards

Going to Las Vegas is never a chore. 

So finding out LUCKY 13 was a finalist in the Cops, Jocks & Cowboys category at the 2012 RONE Awards had me packing my suitcase! 

Me with Lauralynn Elliott & Anya Kelleye

The RONE Awards, sponsored by InD'Tale Magazine, took place as part of the Romance Novel Convention. 

This made it possible to rub shoulders with some of my favorite authors...

The wonderful Laura Hunsaker!

 The beautiful and talented 
Beverly Preston!

The amazingly wonderful
--and NEWLYwed--
VS Nelson!


RNC's gorgeous Casanova contestants,

and the super sexy Julian Mora. 


LUCKY 13's very own Enrique Santiago aka Ryan Diaz

I gotta admit, though, having my own cover model on my arm made the awards ceremony AWESOME!

Had a great time hanging with my girl, Rhonda and laughed until my sides hurt.

Not to mention selling a few books! 

Will I attend RNC and the RONE's in 2014? I guess time will tell. *wink*