The Gossip of Mysterious Lane

The Seduction of Damian
The Gossip of Mysterious Lane #1

When Paranormal Partners magazine names Damian their most eligible bachelor, life as he knows it changes forever. Females come out of the woodwork to try and link their names to his—with seductions that make his skin crawl and his stomach heave.

If having crazy females attempt to seduce Damian is hard on him, it’s excruciating for Jocelyn. Firmly planted in the friend zone, she watches as females try to capture the only piece of Damian Jocelyn wants all for herself—his heart. 
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His Destiny is Karma
The Gossip of Mysterious Lane #2

What goes around really does come around—just to kick a male in the balls and bite him in the ass. Alexander, vampire playboy extraordinaire, finds himself smack dab in the middle of the cosmic crosshairs.

Karma is not a bitch, she is a vampire determined to achieve her heart's greatest desire. The first time she met Alex she was too young, too innocent, and too plain. But things change.

Realization slaps Alex upside the head when he comes face to face with the gorgeous female he can't believe he's met before. The one female he may not be able to live without. And the one who is strictly forbidden.

HIS DESTINY IS KARMA is available via Kindle, Nook, and other ebook.

"Funny and sexy as hell, yet tender and sweet. Morgan Kearns delivers a scrumptious morsel with The Seduction of Damian!" ~Deena Remiel, author of Trinity

"Beautifully written prose and hilarious neighborhood interactions will fill your heart with joy and stretch your smile muscles." ~M. Varhalmi via Amazon

"I was laughing so hard that tears were literally running down my cheeks and I will NEVER look at the produce department the same ever again!" ~Kim via Goodreads