Available Classes

Do-It-Yourself Publishing
          One step at a time. In this fast-paced presentation Morgan Kearns takes Self-Publishing step-by-step, from typing that first word to finding reviewers and beyond.

Promotion & Marketing ~ Promotional Items & Creative Giveaways
          Promotion and Marketing are two of the hardest headache of getting your book in front of readers. This presentation goes into some of the ways Morgan Kearns has gotten her book noticed.

Self-Publishing Pitfalls
          Just because you can self-publish doesn't mean you should...at least not without knowing the ins and outs, pitfalls and proof-positives of publishing yourself. In this presentation Morgan Kearns talks about doing it right in a world where so many people do it wrong.

Your Book IS Judged By Its Cover
          No matter what people say, books are judged by their covers. In this presentation Morgan Kearns gives tips on what to look for and where to go to cover your book in a way to draw readers to it.