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Guest Post: Sherry Gloag's Interview with Trudi and Rafe

Morgan's Musings welcomes Author Sherry Gloag and Trudi & Rafe


“Do you think she’s gonna show?”

I heard Trudi’s urgent whisper as I approached the hotel lounge, where we’d agreed to meet.  I paused and waited for Rafe’s reply.

“’Course she is, after all without us she’s got nothing to blog.”

“That’s a bit cynical.”  Trudi’s indignation warmed my heart.

“Realistic, sweetheart.”

For some reason I’ve managed to annoy my hero big time.  I had to discover why.

“Hi guys.”  Pasting on a bright smile I hid behind my false bravado.  Trudi’s face, I noticed resembled Rudolf’s legendry nose, while Rafe cleared his throat, stood and offered his hand, all smiles, sweetness and light.

“Thanks for coming.”  I headed for a chair with its back to the window.

“Not a problem.”  Rafe moved his chair closer to his wife’s. “You said something about an interview?”

“Do you have a problem with that?”  I practiced my best smile on my hero in Duty Calls, Published by Black Opal Books, and swallowed a sigh of satisfaction when he shook his head.

“Trudi, perhaps I can start with you?”

She nodded, cast a nervous glance at Rafe and waited.

“I see you’re expecting another child, how do you feel, knowing Rafe will be there for you this time.”

Ignoring the shuffled and muttered “it wasn’t my fault’ from Rafe, I kept my attention on my heroine.

“He’s wonderful.  I don’t know how I managed without him last time.”

“Pretty well from all accounts, you delivered your friend, Bella’s daughter when your own was clambering to arrive.”

“My wife is an amazing lady.”  Rafe’s pride shone in his eyes.

“She is that.”  I agreed.

“Can you remember how you felt when you first realised Rachel was your daughter?”

I watched a myriad of emotions chase across Rafe’s face.

“Anger came first.”  Rafe reached over to caress Trudi’s cheek.  “Remember, I didn’t know the circumstances behind what I considered her deception.  When I did, awe came next.  Awe that this beautiful woman came through such trauma and is still the fine woman she is today.”  He paused, rubbed his chin with forefinger and thumb. “At the time I wondered at the instant sense of connection to Rachel, and can’t explain to this day why I didn’t see her similarity to my niece Tammy.  They’re like peas in a pod.”

The pensive smile slipped from his face.  “Megan saw it instantly, and I wasn’t here to protect Trudi.”

Trudi captured the hand at her face, turned it over and kissed his palm.  “You can’t blame your sister for her mistake, Rafe. Perhaps it was just as well you had gone home to Boston.  There were enough emotional fireworks exploding that day to challenge a Guy Fawkes display.”

“Do you miss living in Kinsale Hall?”  I asked her before they forgot my presence altogether.

“The Hall?” She shook her head, refocused on my question and laughed.  A light-hearted, open laugh.  “No.  Not at all.  The farmhouse is a home for family, where we can be together without interruption for the inmates at the Hall.  Much as I love them, I love my home and family much more.”

“So I should hope!”  Rafe said.

Noticing Trudi’s discomfort I decided to wrap up the interview.  “When is your baby due?”

“Two weeks ago.”  Trudi’s nervous laugh had me shifting in my seat.

“He has less than twenty four hours to make his appearance without help.”  At Rafe’s determined tone Trudi nodded. “I’m booked into the maternity ward tomorrow,” she revealed, “and not looking forward to that.”

“I’ll be there with you this time.  There’s nothing to worry about.”

“He?”  I asked.

“Yes.”  This time Trudi’s smile was bright enough to light up the room.  “Jesse Kinsale Hawk.”

I couldn’t hide my surprise at this revelation.  “Kinsale?”  I asked Rafe, remembering he’d sworn never to have anything to do with his birth father, and yet his son would bear the Kinsale name?

“Can’t give the boy one grandfather’s name, without including the other.”  Rafe’s nonchalant tone didn’t fool me for a second.

“That’s quite a legacy he’s going to carry.” I offered with caution.

“He’s a Hawk, he’ll manage.”

Trudi’s groan had us both jumping to our feet.

“Rafe,” she gasped, “I don’t think Jesse’s about to wait to make his appearance.”

In front of my eyes, the cool, calm and collected Rafe, equal to any crisis, froze.

“I’ll call an ambulance,” I said, and waited long enough to wave them off to the hospital.

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