Sunday, March 25, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday (3/25) ~ In It To Win It

Welcome back, Sixers! 

Once again, today's Six comes from my contemporary romance,
(Deadlines & Diamonds, #2)

In this piece of the story, Sportscaster, Jane Alexander 
finds herself standing in front of Grayson Pierce 
a little more exposed than she's comfortable.

He tugged her to him and the towel pooled around her feet. He grinned, his dark eyes sparkling, and with large, muscular hands, he eased her against him, holding her close against his rock hard body. He smelled good; clean and male and … mouth-watering.
The corners of his mouth lifted and tiny lines appeared around his eyes. As if he needed any more help being sexy.
Being so close to Grayson brought back every insecurity she’d ever felt. And she’d never been so aroused.

IN IT TO WIN IT is currently available via Kindle, Nook
other ebook as well as Paperback

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