Monday, July 2, 2012

Arizona Dreamin' 2012 (30 days later)....

In the weeks leading up to 
I kept telling myself  
Just get through June 3rd and 
life will slow down.

HA! So much for that mantra! 

It seems life since June 4th
has been even crazier!

Although I've made progress on my next book and kept from strangling my kids
(the latter is truly the greater accomplishment) I've failed to post my  
WooHoo! Arizona Dreamin' totally ROCKED! post. 

So here goes:

Arizona Dreamin' 2012 started for me on Thursday afternoon when I showed up at Kris Tualla's house. Have I mentioned I love Kris? We're kindred spirits and sometimes it seems we share the same brain. (Yes, it's strong enough to handle both us using it at the same time.)

Me & JP

We took a quick trip to the store where we ran into handsome devil and Man of Our Dreams Contestant, JP.

When we got back home we loaded everything that wouldn't melt into the cars. Not an easy feat. 

Friday morning started early with breakfast and a trip to the bank. As we're driving along, Kris' phone rings. She answers. "Yes. Uh-huh. We'll be there in five minutes."

Uh...hello! I raise my hand. There's only one passenger seat. Guess where I got to sit...

Luckily, it wasn't a long drive back to Kris' where we put MORE stuff into the back of her van (and filled my car to the roof).

After arriving at the hotel and going through the madness of checking in (having a LOT of rooms will do that), we started to set up. Wonderful volunteers helped stuff all the goodie bags!

Aren't they cute?

Sorry, no pics of the volunteers, since I had the really tough chore of making the airport run to pick up mega hottie Ryan Diaz.

Yes, my life is hard!

Friday night we had a wine party (Cowboy style). 
Total blast there! 
I got to pose for pix with some of my favorite people in the world.  
Me & Ryan Diaz

Me, Ryan Diaz & Deena Remiel

Me & Shannon Reads

Saturday morning started early. My eyes popped open at 4am and that was that!  

Registration started at 10am.

Again, a HUGE thank you to all the wonderful volunteers who helped make the process a smooth one!

Our Author Speed Meet started at noon. 

One hour of meeting with readers and having the opportunity to tell them about me and my books. 

Loved it! 

I gotta admit the very best part of dinner wasn't the food. 

This year Arizona Dreamin' introduced 

Imagine four drool-worthy guys 
with super sexy personalities. *thud*


 And the winner is.....

Caylee Preston, Me, Beverly Preston & Robin Duff

Thanks to all my girls who chose 
to sit with me during dinner! 
I *heart* You!

Me, Jamallah Bergman & Judy Taysom

Me & Rhonda Perkins-Helton

Book Clubs finished out the goodness of Saturday night! 

I love talking about my books and my process with readers.

The questions aren't always easy to answer, but I'm grateful for readers 
who have depth. 

You're the best! 

Bottom line: Arizona Dreamin' 2012 totally ROCKED! 

Thank you to all of my wonderful author friends, especially those I get to rub shoulders with on the committee. And THANK YOU to everyone who has ever read a Morgan Kearns novel!

I canNOT wait for Arizona Dreamin' 2013
Plans are in the works and TICKETS ARE ALREADY AVAILABLE
I hope you'll all join us May 31st - June 1st, 2013. 
Watch our Facebook page for updates.


  1. Awesome blog was awesome meeting you at long last and your energy just overflowed throughout the entire weekend.....can't wait to see you again next year...already got my tickets! Love ya gurl!

  2. Love, Love it!!! Was such a pleasure to meet you and I now have my books that I was so waiting for!!!

  3. Whoohoo! Fun to visit again through your eyes, Morgan.

  4. Awesome post, Morgan! I'm planning on trying to make it next year. You guys seemed to have had a wonderful time!

    Oh, and I think I've just about read all of your books so far. ;) I think they're great!