Monday, July 16, 2012

Celebrating Sexy Seventeen

It's July 17th and I'm feeling like a PARTY! 

This celebration is chock FULL of great 17's! 


Did you know...

Seventeen is the least random number?

The band Smashing Pumpkins has a song that is 17 seconds long. It has no vocals, but comes with a poem which, when read at a standard speed will finish at the end of the song?

The fear of the number 17 is called 'heptadecaphobia' or 'heptakaidekaphobia'?

The middle verse in the New Testament is Acts 17:17?

How about...

King Tutankhamen was wrapped in 17 cloths?   

Sjutton (17) is also a swear word in Swedish. It's used in phrases like Sjutton ocks! (Blast it!) or Fy sjutton! (Disgusting!)?

There are 17 stars circling the flying eagle on the gold US one dollar coin?  

Seventeen bones make up the human spinal column; 12 thoracic and 5 lumbar?

17 of the 20 largest hotels in the world are located in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Some tidbits from the world of baseball about the number 17:


Jay Hanna "Dizzy" Dean wore 17 when he pitched for the Saint Louis Cardinals from 1930-1937. His 17 jersey number was the first 17 retired by a MLB team.

There have only been 17 perfect games thrown in baseball history, making it one of the rarest accomplishments in the game.

The shape of home plate changed from a twelve-inch square to a five-sided figure seventeen inches wide.

OUT OF LEFT FIELD's Matthias Xavier 
also wears 17 between his shoulder blades.

Excerpt: Prayers did come true apparently. Xavier stood in left field, praying the ball wouldn’t come his way. Top of the ninth and the thing had avoided him like he had the plague or some shit. 
Even better, there was an out. Two more and he could be done acting like he was a-okay.The runner on third led off.The crack of the bat made X’s blood curdle. 
The bastard runner tagged up on third and headed home.   
Instinct took over. Xavier eyed the ball coming directly at him. He watched it fall from the sky like manna from heaven to land with a solid thump in his glove. Without thought, he cocked his arm back and sent the ball on a one-way ticket home.
His shoulder hollered.
So did he.

Can you believe there are only 317 days until Arizona Dreamin' 2013, 
Arizona's ONLY Romance Reader Event? 
Early bird ticket prices expire on July 31st, 2012. 

It takes 17 muscles to produce a smile.

Seventeen is oh, so, super sexy because... 
today, July 17th, a "few" years ago 
I was born. 

I am Morgan Kearns
bestselling author of 
contemporary romance, 
starring sexy baseball players. 

Thank you so much for celebrating 
my birthday with me!

I'm offering 17 gifts to 17 lucky people! Enter below...



  1. I haven't gotten to read this series yet, but with an upcoming break in my work...I hope to start them!!! Good luck to all who enter!!!

  2. Hope I win a copy! Been waiting for it to come to iBooks! :)

    1. It's on its way, Sharon. I'm not sure how long it takes (forever, it seems). Thank for being patient! :)

  3. MO~ you are the best!! Miss you tons & I hope your birthday has been the best! xoxoxo Murph

  4. I would LOVE to win a copy! Happy Birthday and thanks for this great giveaway!!

  5. I have just recently been introduced to your books, Morgan Kearns, but so far I love them and can't wait to keep reading!!!

    1. Thanks so much, Krystal. I hope you'll continue to enjoy them. :)

  6. Happy Birthday, Morgan! I loved the book. :-)

  7. What a great giveaway! And love ya bunches Morgan hon! :D

  8. Such an awesome series! Love all your books, Morgan!

  9. Ooooo! Love the number 17 tidbits!!!

  10. i so want to read this for so many your an awesome writer....two Jimmy is on the cover....three i freakin love baseball

  11. Who knew there were so many sexy things about 17 :) Thank you for the fun post and of course for the giveaway.

  12. Hope you have a great birthday Morgan! Celebrate, have fun, then get back to work on Santiago ;)!!!!

  13. Thank you for the opportunity!!

  14. Happy birthday, Morgan! Anya Kelleye keeps telling me how good your book are, so you're on my TBR list. :)

  15. Happy Birthday Morgan I hope you have a fabulous day *<:)~

  16. Hope u had a great bday and thanks for such a great opportunity!

  17. Wow what an awesome Day! I never knew #17 was so sweet ;) I love all the info. and I didn`t now 17 of 20 largest hotels were in Vegas, but I do now! Oh thank you for the great Birthday Bash giveaway! Have a great Birthday sweetie :)

  18. I hope you are having a wonderful birthday! Thank you so much for the giveaway.

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  20. I hope you had a wonderful birthday!!! I just wanted to chime in and say my favorite # is 17. My oldest was also born on the 17th, just a different month. :)