Wednesday, January 25, 2012

4.5 Stars for HEART ACHE from Good Choice Reading

a HUGE thanks to Wanda for always taking a chance on my newest release. This time I sent her an ARC for HEART ACHE 
and was thrilled to hear her thoughts...
"Morgan was able to switch gears from fiction to paranormal with ease. Which is why it was easy for me  to fall right into her story. I'm normally very skeptical in reading a novel by an author who I know writes in a certain genre and switches to another. It's usually a difficult transition, but not for her. I've enjoyed all her other words in print so I had high hopes for Heart Ache. I've had the pleasure of working with Morgan and getting to know her as an author, so I know how much of herself she pours in her books. To which I must say Morgan delivered!

     Heart Ache was a well thought out novel. I absolutely LOVE the main character Niko. Wait, he doesn't like to be called that. Forgive me, it's Nikolai. In most books your main character is a female but in Heart Ache there's two, Gabrielle and Nikolai, however my favorite is Nikolai. Most male protagonists are all macho and obnoxious. But from the beginning Nikolai showed a soft side to him which was quite endearing. His nervousness made him even more sexy and adorable. Which is probably why he has Gabby eating out of his hands without even knowing. Even though they both crazy about each other, their stubbornness gets in their way of each others happiness.

     Morgan came up with thee most unique idea for this story. She created a vampire world with a great twist. I take my hat off to her for making up this world and writing it to perfection. I am in awe on how this world was so easily processed in my head. I had no problems visualizing every scene. Heartache has a bit of everything, love, suspense and thriller. She mastered it all in one book! Kudos to one of my favorite authors! She outdid herself yet once again. 4.5 out of 5 stars! A must buy and a definite Good Choice for Reading!"

HEART ACHE is available via Kindle, Nook, other Ebook 
as well as Autographed Paperback

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  1. Great review, Morgan! That cover is gorgeous (and so is the mancandy, LOL!)