Friday, April 26, 2013

Final Day of RONE Voting--Excerpt of Nominee LUCKY 13

LUCKY 13 is nominated for a RONE 
(Reward Of Novel Excellence)


Enjoy this excerpt and find out why 
the Reviewers at InDTale Magazine 
nominated LUCKY 13 for this prestigious award. 

Ricky looked to the ceiling for a sign, not missing the irony. He’d gotten a sign all right. God frowned on premarital sex and this was His way of punishing Ricky.

He rounded the corner of another aisle, tampons in hand, and literally bumped into a pimple-faced kid. His tall and gangly didn’t stand a chance against Ricky’s bulk and he toppled into the display of…condoms!

Boxes flew everywhere as Mr. Should-be-keepin’-it-in-his-pants fell right on his bony ass. The little shit cursed up a storm. With a sweep of his arm, he sent Lifestyles Ultra Sensitives skidding across the linoleum.

Ricky extended a hand, actually surprised when the punk accepted his help.

He shuffled his feet. “Should we clean this up?”

Ricky grabbed a couple of boxes from the remaining display and shook his head. “I don’t plan on it.”
Mr. Tall-Blonde-and-Dorky bent down to pick up a box and Ricky put his hand on his shoulder. “Word of unwanted advice, kid, life’s a whole less complicated if you don’t go there.”

He snorted. “And you’re gonna tell me you kept it in a knot until you were happily married?”

“Nope. I’m tellin’ you to learn from my mistakes.” Ricky didn’t stick around to see whether or not his advice mattered. No skin off his nose. He had more important things to worry about. 

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