Sunday, April 21, 2013

Excerpt from RONE Nominee LUCKY 13

LUCKY 13 is nominated for a RONE 
(Reward Of Novel Excellence)

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Here's a taste as to why the awesome reviewers from
InDTale Magazine
nominated LUCKY 13 for this prestigious award!

In this excerpt, Las Vegas Rockets' Left Fielder, Enrique "Ricky" Santiago 
comes face to face with Shayne Xavier. 

Ricky’s brain caught up to his body about halfway across the dance floor. As he realized what he was about to do, his steps stuttered, his mojo warring with a jolt of insecurity. Damn, he hated this part of the dating process. He watched the other guys hit on women all the time, even resorted to studying their lines, but he couldn’t flat-out lie, promise things he’d never be able to give the woman when the sun turned the western skies salmon.
He released his breath about the time his feet came to a stop in front of her. “Hi.”
She smiled, and his heart dropped to his toes. “Hi, I’m Shayne.”
He stuck out his hand. “Enrique Santiago.”
Her hand slipped into his. The softness of her palm against his did funny things to his intestines. Her chin moved up and down in a slow, barely noticeable nod. “You’re the Rockets Left Fielder?”
“Yeah.” She’d heard of him? Sweet! “My friends call me Ricky.”
She raised one brow and quirked the corner of her lip. “And am I to assume we’re friends?”
“I’d like to be.”  
Danger! He had a habit of losing his heart to women he shouldn’t. Truth was, he didn’t bring women around his friends because he started hearing wedding bells when the guys offered a stamp of approval. As he stared into the liquid chocolate of Shayne’s eyes, warning bells blared, whistled, hollered, and warned him to take it slow. Danger, Enrique Santiago!

(Deadlines & Diamonds, #4)
is currently available via Kindle, Nook

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