Saturday, July 23, 2011

Got Gossip?

The Seduction of Damian
(The Gossip of Mysterious Lane #1)
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Back Cover Text:

When Paranormal Partners magazine names Damian their most eligible bachelor, life as he knows it changes forever. Females come out of the woodwork to try and link their names to his--with seductions that make his skin crawl and his stomach heave.

If having crazy females attempt to seduce Damian is hard on him, it's excruciating for Jocelyn. Firmly planted in the friend zone, she watches as females try to capture the only piece of Damian she wants all for herself--his heart.

"Funny and sexy as hell, yet tender and sweet. Morgan Kearns delivers a scrumptious morself with The Seduction of Damian!" ~Deena Remiel, author of Trinity

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