Saturday, July 30, 2011

Sweet Saturday Samples (7/30)

For my Sweet Saturday Sample this week,
I'm offering a taste of my Contemporary Romance, Fade to Black.

     As they pulled up to the scene, the police were setting up their command center. Kate didn’t even wait for him before she headed into the throng of people.
     Rich shouldn’t have been surprised. This was how Kate Callahan rolled. He’d watched her since she burst onto the scene two years ago. Thought she was beautiful then, but she was all business. Never took the time to get chummy with anyone but her sources. So, of course, she beelined it for the sheriff.
     “What can you tell me?” she asked, gripping her pen for his response.
     “Press conference in ten minutes, Kate.”
     “Oh, come on, Reggie.” She was right on his heels as he started walking away. “I’m sure there’s something you can give me now,” she pressed.
     He stopped, turned with a dramatic roll of his eyes, then smiled. “Kate.” He tsked his tongue, then whispered, “The mother thinks that the father took little Mary out of her bedroom sometime early this morning. He was just released from prison two weeks ago.”
     Kate gasped, but didn’t react further as she jotted down some notes. “Did she have a restraining order against him?”
     “Yes,” he verified.
     “Damn,” she muttered and made more notes.
     “Well, I’ve got to get the PIO ready for the press conference.” He pulled a flyer off his clipboard and handed it to her. “You didn’t get this from me.” He winked and headed in the direction of the Public Information Officer.
     “Thanks, Reggie.” Kate turned on her heel and smacked right into Rich’s chest.  “Oh, sorry.”
     Rich chuckled and stole the chance to run his fingers through her silky, soft hair. “Now who’s apologizing?”
     She slapped at his chest, her face turned from playful to serious in a flash. “Is the live truck here?” He nodded and motioned over her shoulder to where the microwave signal was being sent to the mountain. “Good.” She pulled her phone out of her pocket, pressed some buttons and put it to her ear. “Dale…yes…. Press Conference is in five, but I’d like to cut in now…. Okay.” She closed the phone and looked at Rich. “Let’s get a move on, Spencer, we go live in two.”
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  1. I was drawn in immediately and want to know more.

  2. You caught my attention with the first sentence.