Sunday, July 31, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday (7/31)

Today's six sentences come from my newest release, 
The Seduction of Damian (The Gossip of Mysterious Lane #1)
currently available via Kindle, Nook, & Smashwords.

Damian waved to a couple of ghouls as they strolled down the sidewalk. Their small bat bobbed along, stretching its leash to the limit.
       “Congratulations!” The male ghoul’s thumb rose, his head tipping in an atta-boy. His wife’s yellow eyes moved over Damian in a slow analyzing appraisal. When her vivid blue tongue snaked out to run over her thin bottom lip, Damian fought a shudder and thanked whatever lucky star he might have that she was already taken.


  1. Awesome six sentences! I love the part about the bat on the leash!

  2. Wow! What a world you've created! Good job.

  3. The blue tongue was unexpected. LOL! Bat's on a leash? Awesome! ;-)

  4. bat on a leash. That was great. and I agree you've got a very creative world going

  5. Ha, this sounds right up my street! Great snippet!