Tuesday, November 20, 2012

How LUCKY are you?


The LUCKY 13 quotes below are all mixed up! 

First one to put them in order (or tell me which chapter they're from)
will WIN a Santiago t-shirt! 

Leave a "I got it" in the comments then email me at
with your answers.


  • ·         “I’m a grown-ass woman, capable of making my own damn decisions. So you can take your masculine arrogance and shove it where the sun don’t shine.”
  • ·         “I said. Arms. Up.”
  • ·         “Then you’re going to go to that dance. With your friends. You’re gonna dance with every single one of those girls and any others who want to take a spin on the dance floor. After you work your mojo, I’ll pick you up and we’ll go for ice cream where you can tell me all about your little harem.”
  • ·         “Huh-uh.” Ricky shook his head. “You really gonna add lyin’ to talkin’ like a trucker?”
  • ·         “I think Ricky would be a great coach.”
  • ·         “I don’t know. Like I have a booger.” He wiped at his nose. “Or maybe that you wanna take a chunk outta me. With your teeth.”
  • ·         “She probably fell off a chair or something. She did that once. Broke her foot and everything. That was the first time I ever heard the f-word.”
  • ·         “Who said anything about finishing?”
  • ·         Holy purple. Lots and lots of purple. Not exactly Barney purple. But the lavender walls and lilac baseboards made Shayne’s retinas beg for mercy.
  • ·         “I’m not going home unless you walk me to the door.”
  • ·         “Will you help me get some strippers?”
  • ·         “…You’re kind of a celebrity, sweetheart.”
  • ·         “Don’t try to make me sound noble, kid.”
  • ·         Ricky choked on his laugh. “Say what you will, kid, but I will gladly be Wesley to your mother’s Princess Buttercup any day.”
  • ·         “And here I thought you were the one with the sword.”
  • ·         “I’ll be okay.” He grinned, all big and cheesy. “Even if you stayed out all night, I’d be just fine. We got a fridge full of food and pay-per-view. I’ve always wanted to watch porn.”
  • ·         “Your mama is so fat the scale says one at a time please.”
  • ·         “Please tell me you weren’t wearing that.”
  • ·         “He isn’t so bad. He’s really kind of cute. I really don’t think you should hate him anymore.”
  • ·         “Say please.”
  • ·         “When we get home, sweetness.”
  • ·         “Don’t you dare pull the wounded hero act!”
  • ·         “That’s right, All-Star Enrique Santiago needs more time to play.”
  • ·         “Are you saying I’m fat?”
  • ·         “This is the best birthday ever!”
  • ·         “Come on. Maybe we can get lost for a little while in the cornfield.”
  • ·         “It’s not like they’d let you strut outta here nekkid.”
  • ·         “Oh, man! Don’t take me there. I just thought you guys would like some time—” He made a gagging noise. “Seriously, dude. I kinda hate you right now.”

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