Sunday, November 18, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday (11/18) ~ LUCKY 13

Today's Six comes 
from my brand new release, 
(Deadlines & Diamonds, #4).

In this section, Shayne Xavier pushes 
Enrique Santiago a little too far.

Ricky’s lips brushed her ear. “And it’s a damn good thing he’s here at all, because you makin’ little noises, teasin’ me like you are, he’s the only thing keepin’ me from pushin’ up against the backstop and kissin’ the holy hell out of you.”
Instead of a warning, his words sent a shot of disappointment through her. She dropped her arm, the bat coming to rest next to her leg.
     “You know, you make me want to do very bad things.” She shook her head.  
 LUCKY 13 is currently available via Kindle, Nook, other Ebook and in Paperback.

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