Saturday, October 1, 2011

Sweet Saturday Samples (10/1)

This week's Sweet Saturday Sample comes from my new release  
His Destiny is Karma (The Gossip of Mysterious Lane #2).

Vampire Playboy Alexander would rather have 
his fangs removed than sitting on a flying tin can. 
To make matters worse, the empty seat next to him 
gets filled with his worst nightmare!

“Hi sir, I’ve got an unaccompanied minor here—”
Alex bit the inside of his cheek to keep from asking, ‘so?’
“—and he’ll be sitting next to you.” She flashed him a smile that made his groin beg for attention.
The kid flopped down in the seat. “I’m Colby.”
Adrenaline seized Alex by the throat, tightening its grip until he saw stars. He looked at Hank for assistance only to find the damn male was asleep. Or pretending to be, rather. Verified by an exaggerated, fake snore. Alex jammed his elbow into Hank’s side and was rewarded by a satisfying grunt.
“Thank you.” She smiled at Alex for a second before turning her attention to the little nuisance. “Okay, buddy, stay right here at the end of the flight and I’ll come get you. Let me know if you need anything while we’re in the air.”
“What’s your name?” the kid asked as soon as the woman left.
Alex ignored the question and watched the human’s curvaceous backside.
“My mom says it’s rude to stare.”
Alex blinked and looked down at the pest sitting next to him. The smack slurp smack made Alex’s fingers curl into fists. He wanted to knock that twisted mound of Double Bubble down the kid’s throat, but instead defended himself—by flat out lying.
“I wasn’t staring.”
“Yeah, you were.” Colby leaned over in his seat.
Realization reached out and slapped Alex. This kid wasn’t a kid at all. This was a young shifter in the next seat, currently ogling the swaying hips move down the aisle.
“Mmm-mmm.” The prepubescent low moan interrupted his thoughts. Colby fastened his seatbelt. “She does have a nice butt, don’t you think?”
Alex blinked again, this time completely dumbfounded by the little male who shouldn’t be looking at grown women’s butts.
“How old are you?”
“I’ll tell you how old I am … if you tell me your name.”
Smartass little cretin!
Alex would like to find the kid’s father and offer a large dose of parenting advice. Which was saying something because Alex knew nothing about kids. Except that this one needed a swift kick in the ass.  
“I asked you a question,” Alex said through gritted teeth.
Colby snorted, going to great exaggerated lengths to make sure Alex saw the eye roll. “Fine. I’m nine. Now will you tell me your name? I mean, come on, dude, it’s gonna be a long flight.”
The plane lifted off the ground and Alex’s stomach pitched. He closed his eyes and held his breath. His hands actually ached because of the death grip he had on the arm rests.

“You don’t like to fly, huh?"
So, the kid was a genius too!

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  1. LOL! Great last line and sample.

  2. LMAO I don't feel the least bit sorry for Alex! This is gonna be one hell of a long flight for him!

  3. GREAT portrayal of Alexander's feelings about kids! This scene leaves no doubt as to where he stands on the subject. I love the humor in your writing.